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We answer emergency calls, in less than 24 hours.

Do you need garage door service or repair? L&L Leblanc Contracting Ltd. can help!

If your overhead doors are suddenly damaged or cease to function properly, L&L Leblanc will get in touch with you within the 24 hours following your telephone call.

Service call

L&L Leblanc garage door technicians will evaluate the necessary work, provide you with an estimate of repair costs and perform the repairs that can be done on site.

Both your garage door and opener need to be checked regularly to ensure that they continue to operate safely and efficiently. Regular maintenance can save you the cost of emergency repairs, extend the lifetime of your door, and give you peace of mind.

The L&L Leblanc team specializes in the repair and maintenance of garage doors and electric door openers. Our experienced technicians know how to rapidly and safely repair or service your door, whatever the make or model. If you have an emergency, we will not only fix the problem, but we will service your equipment entirely and make recommendations to improve its performance.

Our residential garage door “Tune-up” checklist includes:

  • Inspect/lube/adjust rollers and hinges
  • Inspect/lube/adjust torsion springs and all plates
  • Inspect and tighten nuts and bolts
  • Inspect and adjust lifting cables
  • Inspect and adjust tracks (alignment and wall attachment)
  • Inspect and lube frame and bottom weatherstripping
  • Inspect and adjust door opener’s electric components
  • Test and adjust all security systems (mechanical and photoelectrical)
  • Inspect and tune remote controls and door accessories.

As certified Garaga Experts, we guarantee our work against all problems resulting from an improper installation by us.

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We can fix any garage door or electric opener

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Our technicians arrive in trucks fully stocked with everything they’ll need to repair your overhead door or electric operator.

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